Starting a Small Business vs Starting a Startup: what’s the difference?

Not all businesses are created equal. The guys that started Airbnb, or the guys that started Slack- set out to build a multi-billion dollar company that would IPO or get acquired for an insane amount of money. Those are the entrepreneurs that we (mostly) hear about, and that we look up to, and that’s fine. Who doesn’t want […]

Earn Your Business Degree at the Southern Oregon University School of Business

Business is what makes the world go around. You need business skills in every industry you go into. I think one of the joys of being an an instructor, a professor, or mentor is that I get to see students transition or blossom, or develop, you know, from maybe as a freshman and then go through our program […]

Entrepreneurial Marketing: Growth Hacking

Kauffman Founders School, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Anita Newton, Growth Hacking

 As you put marketing messages in your marketing channels, invariably you’re going to see at least one or two tactics bear fruit. But how do you know if it’s successful? That question is the crux of the bottom right corner which is measurement. Good measurement is so critical. And […]

How to Grow a Small Business: growth marketing for startups (Part I)

Today we are going to talk about startup growth. If you don’t know me, my name is Caya. I’m one of the founders and the CEO at Slidebean- a venture-funded, profitable, multi-million dollar startup. One of my proudest achievements is having led our marketing and growth teams since the company was funded back in 2014. As a CEO, […]

What Can You Learn from Your Competition?: Crash Course Business Entrepreneurship #4

We’re used to competitions with clear winners and losers: baseball games, math olympiads, pie-eating contests, and games involving thrones. We crown a victor and everyone else goes home empty-handed [– or when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.] In business, though, there isn’t just one winner. In today’s world, there are very few […]

Business Accelerator Meaning | Definition & Advantages Business Accelerator | Startup Accelerator

– [Shaf] Welcome back to Speak Like Shaf, my series explaining business terms in plain English. Regular viewers will know that I have a little chum who gives me a hand in breaking down complicated terms and making them straightforward and accessible. Stay tuned; I’m sure he’ll be making an appearance. It’s hard starting out as an entrepreneur […]

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