How to Get Your Business the Most Attention Possible in 2020 | Game Changers Summit Keynote 2019

This is black-and-white, I don’t know what emotional Hurdle, you need to get over to get into this. I don’t know if you don’t realize how content You actually are I don’t know if you don’t realize that the words coming out of your mouth from ambition Don’t match your action because you don’t actually mean it. I […]

23 things I wish I’d known before starting my business ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. I’m a fashion designer with a double background in fashion and business. A few months ago, I asked if you’d be interested in a video about what I’ve learned since starting my business and the answer was basically… “yes please”! This video is not easy for me – you’ll hear several things that I’ve […]

Creating Profitable Online Courses: What is ‘Edupreneurship’?

Welcome to module one of your training course on how to build your own profitable training course.Now before we start putting pen to paper we’re first going to get a better idea of what Edupreneurship actually is and therefore why everything else we’re going to learn in the rest of this course is so important to the growth […]

Electronic Arts’ Andy Billings on Creative Profitability | Singularity Hub

(music) – So excited to have our next guest here. Andy Billings who’s the head of Profitable Creativity, which we will dig deep into what that actually means, at one of the world’s largest gaming companies, also one of the I think, oldest, gaming companies around, Electric Arts. Gaming to a very large extent for the last 40 […]

Profitable Creativity with Electronic Arts’ Andy Billings | Singularity Hub

(music) – And we’re back from the show floor here at the Singularity University Global Summit. For a second, I just lost my train my thought, because I’m so excited to have our next guest here. (Andy laughs) Andy Billings, who is the head of Profitable Creativity, which we will dig deep into what that actually means. It’s […]

Why is it profitable to open a company in Poland? The advantage of doing business in EU. 18+

Why you need to open a Polish company to do business in the European Union? As a non-EU citizen, have you been asked by Amazon Europe to pay large amount of tax for your ecommerce business in the European Union? I believe most of you have had such experience recently. Don’t panic, if you open a Polish company, […]

Time To Profitability Solution – How to Build a Startup

When I look at an existing market, it’s clear that if you’ve match those market needs, you could be achieving profitability the soonest. If you’re doing a clone market–that is copying a US business model in a foreign country, that probably is the second closest to immediate profitability because you know the market exist that you just need […]

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