Evernote Business for Salesforce

Evernote Business for Salesforce was designed to help your team… …get a complete picture of every account You’ll be able to capture everything in Evernote… …discover what your team knows about each account,… …share knowledge and save time. For example, If I’m working on an opportunity with Moleskine company… …I can use Evernote on my computer to clip […]

Evernote Business – Making your team smarter

You know a lot about you job and your co-workers know a lot about theirs. The most important thing is to combine that knowledge… …so you can work together effortlessly to do great things. Evernote Business was built to let you do that. Evernote Business is really people-focused. What makes it really magical is that even when you’re […]

Evernote Business 2.0

Thousands of companies have already discovered how Evernote Business helps them work smarter and be more productive. Evernote Business 2.0 makes it easier than ever to centralize you company’s knowledge. Find information and experts across your company and share knowledge with your team. The new Business Home is the central place for your company’s knowledge and information. You […]

4 Best Features of Twist Team Communication

And welcome to the Keep Productive YouTube channel its Francesco again and welcome back to another video So in today’s video guys, we’re chatting about communication in the workplace We’re going to be talking about the tools and also the two types of communication typically go on in the workplace I wanted to chat about this because this […]

Behind the Scenes: Improving the Tag Experience for Evernote on Mobile

– Hi, I’m Ian Small, CEO of Evernote. And I’m here today with Sahand who’s a senior member of our design team. Sahand’s been working on making the tag experience better on mobile. Sahand, what kinds of problems have you been working with? – The biggest problem is a lot of differences in our iOS and Android experiences. […]

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