After #MeToo, Men Begin Avoiding Female Co-Workers

Bloomberg reports this week that on Wall Street, men have started to implement office strategies that some managers and employees believe will minimize the likeliness of being accused of sexual harassment: Hello, this is Ryan McMaken and you’re listening to Radio Rothbard. According to Bloomberg “While the new personal codes for dealing with #MeToo have only just begun […]

How I Make $500k A Year As A Sex Worker | Truth Told | Refinery29

Sex work is one of the few ways that women have relatively easy access to upward mobility and financial security. And I think that’s why it is so threatening to conservative values or the patriarchy, because it inherently destabilizes them. Women tend to do most of the emotional and sexual labor in our society, and I think it’s […]

Scam Artist Mother Gets Scared by Social Worker on BART

[Intro Music]>>SOCIAL WORKER: You need some help? Want some help?>>SOCIAL WORKER: I can get you some help.>>SOCIAL WORKER: Because you wrote please. You want some help?>>MOTHER: No sir.>>SOCIAL WORKER: Your sign says you need help.>>SOCIAL WORKER: You want me to get you some help?>>SOCIAL WORKER: Lets get off at the next station and we can get you some […]

Planning for Thandi’s future – Diagnostic Report – National Planning Commission (NPC)

You may ask why government needs a planning function. Surely it has so much power, it can pass laws in Parliament, it can employ people, it can design policies. But what we’ve seen in South Africa and the story told by the diagnostic released by the National Planning Commission is that things go wrong, and it’s very important […]