Миллионер / The Millionaire. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

a Star Media Production based upon the novel by OLGA TASHLYKOVA written by MARINA MEDNIKOVA, OLGA SOLOVYOVA ANDREY KUZICHEV – Kirill YULIA GALKINA – Vika KARINA ANDOLENKO – Lena LIUDMILA KUREPOVA – Liuda Vikie, I’m not in such a big hurry. MIKHAIL TARABUKIN – Oleg Kirie, I still cannot understand why you don’t want my Dad to call […]

The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

This has many names. Gang stalking, mob stalking, community stalking. You’re in the middle of this ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. First, the Guardian revealed the National Security Agency is collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon customers. To surveil someone through their phones. Certainly through their television sets. The last year and a […]

There’s No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)

Incubate Pictures presents In association with Post Carbon Institute There’s No Tomorrow This is the earth, as it looked 90 million years ago. Geologists call this period the ‘Late Cretaceous’. It was a time of extreme global warming, When dinosaurs still ruled the planet. They went about their lives, secure in their place at the top of the […]

How Julia Reichert Gained The Trust of Workers & Factory Chairman for ‘American Factory’ | Close Up

(upbeat music) – Access is a big part of subject choice, as well. Julia, in your case, you were dealing with this Chinese entrepreneur who gave you extraordinary access even when he was going through some rocky times. Can you talk about navigating that relationship? – You know, I live in Dayton, Ohio and it’s you know, kind […]

Civ 5: A Barbarian Has Captured Your Worker

[Barbarian Angry Mumbles] [sarcastically] Oh, God! A barbarian! Ah, what a way to go! He’s capturing me… Everybody should just go back to what they were doing and not worry about it– Go. Go. I’m right behind you, go. [Barbarian mumbles] [Civ 5 Barbarian Notification Sound Effect] [Barbarian Mumbles] Worry not, my friend! I will remove this blight […]

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