[NEWS IN-DEPTH] South Korea’s economic growth outlook for 2020

the Korean economy suffered in 2019 amid a pile of domestic and global economic challenges the us-china trade war Japan’s abrupt trade restrictions and sluggish domestic consumption investment were some of the main factors that dragged down the economy against this backdrop the Korean government gave quite a positive outlook for the nation’s growth in 2020 but opinions […]

How to Measure the Profitability of an Energy Efficiency Project (Online Course Video 3 of 6)

Good morning to everyone. I’m happy that I can try to communicate some points that I feel very strongly about and I think are important through a webinar without the need to have to go to every one of you because if we had to travel all the way to deliver these points there would be a lot […]

South Korea’s economic growth outlook for 2020

the South Korean government is sounding optimistic about the local economy a certain market uncertainties subside our kim moosung has more on the projections for Korea’s economy in the new year the South Korean government expects the local economy to post growth of 2.4 percent in 2020 up from last year’s two percent other economic research institutes and […]

Workshop “Profitability is the Name of the Game” – Alberto Calva – Acus Consulting

Why are the shareholders and the Board so concerned about profitability? I’m Alberto Calva from Acus Consulting. I want to tell you about our 4 hour executive workshop “Profitability is the Name of the Game”. We try to answer several questions during this workshop. For example, what’s the difference between measuring the profitability for the company and the […]

How Turkey’s currency crisis could make Zurich Turkey more profitable | World Finance

World Finance: Turkey, once the darling of emerging market investors, is going through some difficult times due to its ongoing currency and debt crisis. Yılmaz Yıldız from Zurich Turkey joins me to explain the situation for businesses on the ground. What’s been the impact of the crisis on Turkey’s insurance sector? Yılmaz Yıldız: Since the currency crisis has not […]

Pinterest IPO: Is the Company Profitable?

Pinterest isn’t your typical social media company. The company describes itself as a visual discovery engine, and there’s hardly anything else like it on the web. Pinterest has more than 250 million monthly active users sharing images of home decor, fashion trends, articles, recipes, and much more, and all of those users have created more than 175 billion […]

Financial Ratios — Profitability and Market Value Ratios

This is the third and final video in our three part sequence on looking at financial ratios In the first video what we did is took a look at Pepsi’s income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows from the guided tutorial handout and again those financial statements are available online through Google docs if you don’t […]

Spotify was Actually Profitable This Quarter, But Don’t Get Used to It.

Dylan Lewis: Why don’t we switch gears and talk Spotify? The market was happy with Fitbit’s results, not exactly the case for Spotify. We saw a pretty big sell-off after earnings. The company is actually down to lows since they’ve gone public. This is the lowest we’ve seen shares. Evan Niu: Investors weren’t too happy with Spotify. I […]

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