Farm Workers and Fair Food, with “Food Chains” Director Sanjay Rawal

So, for 300 years in this country there was really no such thing as fair food, meaning that there was no way to recognize, from a consumer’s purchases, that workers were treated well. In the ’30s ’40s and ’50s a movement started in California lead eventually by Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez that morphed into the United Farmworkers […]

If an employer overpays an employee, can the employer take the money from the …

– There are times when an employer will make a mistake and pay an employee too much, whether it’s in the form of a bonus or the salary is entered incorrectly. In those cases, the employer is able to recapture that overpayment from the employee, and they can do so by deducting the employee’s wages. However, if they’re […]