Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “Hello, Worker” (Romaji/English Subs)

My whole life boiled down to a sheet of B4 paper Hoping someone will accept me, I smile A twisted problem that defies calculation And I can’t go out and play till it’s solved Others are so far ahead, I’m left behind Just longing for what’s beyond these tracks Oh well I don’t know what I want to […]

GTA 5 Online METEOR SHOWER RACE GTA 5 Online Funny Moments Jobs (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

GTA 5 GTA Online GTA 5 Ps4 GTA 5 jobs GTA 5 Gameplay GTA 5 Next Gen GTA v GTA 5 Funny Moments GTA 5 Online Video Game team epiphany GTA 5 PC I here we go we look at home if you’re doing a pretty Mars rover they retired avoid be used to shove nichols’ into a […]

How To Become A Game Tester Gaming Jobs Online

How To Become A Game Tester | Gaming Jobs Online Hardcore gamer will finally have the chance to make good use of their hobby and earn some serious cash doing what they love most. Glen Anderson’s Gaming Jobs Online makes it possible for pro and aspiring gamer to participate in beta tests, game-related surveys, and focus group discussions […]

GTA 5 Funny Moments – CAR CRASH DERBY – GTA 5 Online Custom Jobs Funny (GTA 5)

GTA 5 GTA GTA Online GTA 5 Video GTA 5 Funny Moments the new hey all what is going on everyone welcome back to another awesome GTA 5 video before the videos over I’m gonna stick this thing somewhere in one easy make me people oh my god that you’d be proud of my card replaced sites already […]

IGN News – Why Microsoft Got Into The Console Business

According to a former Microsoft exec, Microsoft entered the console market because Sony refused to work with the company. Joachim Kempin, who was VP of Windows Sales at Microsoft for 20 years starting in 1983, made the claim in a recent interview with IGN. When asked why Microsoft decided to enter the console space, he asserted that, “The […]