How To Stay Focused And Get Things Done – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 14

– How to stay focused to keep being effective and clear-minded. Last year I was here I was talking about what? The inner demons, yes? Some of the inner demons that we have. So, Desmond was reading the book, 80/20 Principle, and Jake was also reading it. How many of you have read the book so far? Okay. […]

Todoist re-design concepts, MeisterTask launch Business, Habitify for MacOS & more… | Pulse

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Software Pulse It is Francesco D’Alessio, your host for another new segment So obviously I’ve been away for two weeks. Now. I’ve been away to sunny Cyprus for a little bit of a vacation It was a really nice relax We got some time to enjoy the Sun and put my […]

Step 3 of 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Video Course

Welcome to step 3 of our “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course”. Here I’ll try to help you find that next physical task that helps you get closer to getting a project done. You’ll ask yourself many times over: “What’s my next action here?” To me, the “Next Actions” are the killer feature of the Getting Things Done […]

How To Plan Your Day In Less Than 5 Minutes (Productivity Hacks)

Plan Day In 5 Minutes [0:00:00] [Music] In today’s video, gents, how to organize your day in five minutes. So, the first step in organizing your day is give yourself the time, the margin to organize your day. So, all this starts with you doing your MNRs, your mindless necessary routines. These tasks are the things that need […]

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