Nozbe 2.0 tutorial – learn to get things done quickly – by Michael Sliwinski

Hello and welcome to this quick introduction to Nozbe 2.0 our newest suite of productivity apps. Navigation On the left side you have navigation bar with all the Nozbe sections. Some sections have a sidebar. Like in projects You can see the list of your projects. When you choose one its task list will show up in the […]

Best PRODUCTIVITY Hacks – Strategies to Increase Your PRODUCTIVITY – #BelieveLife

(air whooshing) – Good morning, Believe Nation, today we’re going to talk about strategies on how to improve your productivity. Rule number three is my personal favorite, and make sure to stick around all the way to the end for my take, and some special bonus clips as well, and as always, as you hear people saying something […]

You 2.0: The Origins of Life Hacking & Modern Productivity

– Alright. Oh, I’m going to be shiny as hell. (upbeat music) (retro music) – [Danny] We live in a world where most of us feel overloaded with information all of the time. – [Leo] Problem number one, of course, is email. – [Woman] Email. – [Ramit] Email. – [Merlin] Email. – [Ramit] Twitter, Facebook. – Increasingly excessive […]

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