Britain’s Homeless In Winter | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

I had two old women, surprisingly, came over to me, gave me some money. They read my sign and said, “To be honest, I don’t mind if you “do abuse drugs or alcohol.” And then gave me some money. I was like, “OK, fair enough.” People just tend to leave homeless people’s stuff alone, unless it’s, like, another […]

RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 1 | Rooster Teeth

Hey everyone, this is Monty Oum. And I’m Kerry Shawcross. And we’re here to give you a behind the scenes look at RWBY Volume 2. We’re gonna show you storyboards, models, cool animations; everything that makes RWBY what it is. But to be on the safe side, if there’s anything too spoiler-ish, we’ll make sure to have editorial […]

RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 3 | Rooster Teeth

MILES: Kerry, you start. JESSICA: (laughing) Only if it’s just like that. MILES: Kerry, you wanna start? KERRY: Hello, everybody! MILES: Wait, are we rolling? KERRY: We’re rolling. KERRY: Hello, everybody! We are here with myself and Miles Luna. MILES: Hey. MILES: And some blonde- KERRY: And Jessica Nigri! MILES: Uh, I mean Jessica Nigri. JESSICA: Hello! KERRY: […]

From Sex Worker to Seamstress: The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

[Music] over the years Cambodia has become one of the world’s capitals of sex tourism it’s cheap and available prostitutes attracting men from around the world the sex industry has different rungs to it there’s streetwalkers that do the five dollar blowjob there are brothels there’s massage parlors and then there are the bars where you go in […]

HOW TO GET MORE TIME & BALANCE LIFE – Why Not 3? Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs – Noel full

What is your name and what do you do that and third-year law student at Paris and I also have recently started volunteering for organization called AIESEC six years ago and I’m now currently in the media marketing and communications where are you from microbe abroad and the low is your reality for you followed their work-life balance […]