Production Progressive Web Apps With JavaScript Frameworks (Google I/O ’17)

[LIGHT TECHNO MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] ADDY OSMANI: Hello, I/O. Last year I was up on the stage talking about the potential for building web apps with frameworks. The promise of being able to use some of the world’s best DX to ship some of the best UX on mobile. In the last year, we’ve seen massive promise here. We’ve […]

From Research to Production with TensorFlow Serving (Google I/O ’17)

[MUSIC PLAYING] NOAH FIEDEL: All right, good morning, Google I/O. I’m Noah Fiedel, and I’m gonna speak with you today about how to go from research to production with TensorFlow Serving. So I’m gonna start by sharing a few stories from my past and observing industry. So the first one, show of hands, who’s taken a commercial flight […]

What’s New in Android Studio UI Design and Debugging Tools (Google I/O’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] VADIM CAEN: Good morning, everyone. Thank you for coming so early to our talk up, What’s New in Android Studio, UI Design and Debugging Tools. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] I’m Vadim, from Android Studio, working on the design tools. JEROME GAILLARD: I’m Jerome, from the Android Studio team. JOE BAKER-MALONE: I’m Joe, from Android Studio team. ASHLEY […]

Dart: Productive, Fast, Multi-Platform – Pick 3 (Google I/O’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] BOB NYSTROM: Are you guys ready? [APPLAUSE] Yes? Yes? KEVIN MOORE: That it? All right. My name is Kevin Moore. I’m a product manager on the Dart team. BOB NYSTROM: I’m Bob Nystrom. I’m a software engineer on the Dart team. KEVIN MOORE: And today. We’ve got lot of to go through. We’ll try not to […]