Affirmations for Beautiful Hair! Grow thick hair, faster hair growth, reverse hair loss, regrow hair

Welcome to Sky High Affirmations! The positive affirmations in this video will help you send positive energy to your scalp and hair, to encourage it to grow long, thick, and luxurious. Relax, breathe deeply, and repeat the affirmations after me. My hair is silky and beautiful. My hair shines with good health. My hair grows quickly and easily. […]

Best supplements for Thick Full Hair Growth

Hey y’all, it’s Leda Lum’s Apotheca, and we’re talking about hair growth, and the best supplements for a thick full hair. On popular demand, we’re gonna talk about the best supplements to help your hair grow, especially if it’s thinning rapidly. The ones I definitely recommend are hydrolyzed collagen, which I talk about a lot and I’ve done […]