Local businesses offer incentives for water donations | Cronkite News

a forecast of 120 degrees next week one Phoenix organization is working to prevent heat related deaths how can it do that well it starts with you and me. temperatures near 100 degrees even after dark it’s a mere inconvenience for those in air-conditioned homes but the summer heat causes major issues for the homeless population we are […]

Britain’s Homeless In Winter | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

I had two old women, surprisingly, came over to me, gave me some money. They read my sign and said, “To be honest, I don’t mind if you “do abuse drugs or alcohol.” And then gave me some money. I was like, “OK, fair enough.” People just tend to leave homeless people’s stuff alone, unless it’s, like, another […]

Scam Artist Mother Gets Scared by Social Worker on BART

[Intro Music]>>SOCIAL WORKER: You need some help? Want some help?>>SOCIAL WORKER: I can get you some help.>>SOCIAL WORKER: Because you wrote please. You want some help?>>MOTHER: No sir.>>SOCIAL WORKER: Your sign says you need help.>>SOCIAL WORKER: You want me to get you some help?>>SOCIAL WORKER: Lets get off at the next station and we can get you some […]

Former Social Worker with a Master’s Degree Homeless in Charlotte

– [Interviewer] Michelle? – Yes, good morning. – We’re here in Charlotte. You’re homeless. You’re educated, smart, out here strugglin’, tell me about it. – Well, I lost my job and my apartment within two weeks of each other ’bout two years ago. I had to make some quick decisions, and had my daughter to stay with her […]