Breaking News US/Australia ll MAFS Jules and Cam anger businesses by ‘asking for wedding freebies’

Married At First Sight’s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have angered a small business owner by asking for ‘freebies’ for their wedding day next month The couple recently contacted a vendor hoping to obtain complimentary services – which would have cost paying customers thousands of dollars – in exchange for publicity on Instagram In addition to a plug on […]

Embracing Failure: Building a Growth Mindset Through the Arts

>>Adam: Great, thank you. So you take your jete role, you need to run that way.>>Cristina: The power of arts education is that the students learn that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay, to fumble. It’s okay to make bad work. In fact, you need to make bad work in order to get to the good work.>>Cindy: […]

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