Making Profitable Real Estate Videos – Borino Coaching for Agents – PT 3

I also see the cool things remember this watched it I can’t imagine the second part check this out right here where do we have it here Google and NAR did that study 85 percent of people want agents with video but notice the second number right here only 15 percent of agents so far are making videos […]

Episode 131: How to Calculate the Profitability Index

Welcome to Alanis Business Academy. I’m Matt Alanis and this is How to Calculate the Profitability Index. The profitability index is a capital budgeting tool used to assist a business in evaluating their various project alternatives. As with any capital budgeting tool, the business is hoping to identify the project that is going to provide the most long-term […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll MAFS Jules and Cam anger businesses by ‘asking for wedding freebies’

Married At First Sight’s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have angered a small business owner by asking for ‘freebies’ for their wedding day next month The couple recently contacted a vendor hoping to obtain complimentary services – which would have cost paying customers thousands of dollars – in exchange for publicity on Instagram In addition to a plug on […]

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