7 Most Common Interview Questions & Answers | Business English Course Lesson 4

– Hello everyone and welcome back to English With Lucy. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about job interview questions and how to answer them. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) In this lesson, we’re going to discuss seven of the most commonly used interview questions, how to answer them correctly, and how to tailor the answers […]

Job interview tips – What employers are looking for

Hello I’m Howard Ebison and I’m the Customer Service Director at East Midlands Airport. My top tips for being jobsmart are firstly, have the right attitude. Go into your application form and your interview knowing that you want this job. Secondly look the part, be presentable, be smart. Make sure that you look your very best, because it’s […]

Job Search Tips (Part 2): What employers are looking for

In this week’s video, we’re gonna go over exactly what employers are looking for in a job applicant. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, your number one source for hourly jobs, and welcome to our weekly advice show. So the cool thing about Snagajob is that we work with employers and job seekers and we […]

Why Did You Leave Your Last Employer (Good Answer For Job Hoppers!)

Hey job seekers. Jennifer Tardy here, your career success coach. Today, we continue our job interview question and answer series. Now, we have already answered five questions for you so far. Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in five years? Why did you decide to apply to […]

Interview Techniques for Employers – Timing an Interview – Totaljobs

Phillip Hodson: Hi, I’m Phillip Hodson, media consultant for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy among others. I’m here to give you effective tips on communication skills in recruitment interviews. Synchronicity If you want to influence someone’s choices, you want to enter their timespace, not maroon them in your own. Starting an interview late for example is […]

TOP 6 Job Interview Questions and Answers – Best Answer Examples

I’m Marat from Emmotion, HR professional career strategist and coach and today I have put together a video Which contains the most frequent job interview questions and answers. Including the examples of how to answer each of the questions It will serve you as a proper guide in your job interview preparation Tell me about yourself Tell me […]

Top Competencies That Employers Look For In Candidates (Behavioral Job Interview Guide)

I am Marat from EMMOTION, HR professional, career strategist and coach, and today I’d like to make an introduction video to the main strengths, competencies or skills that the employers look for in candidates. You probably heard about competencies before, but what exactly are the they? A competency is a set of defined behaviors, skills, knowledges and abilities […]