Employer Recruitment Stories – Plastering

[MUSIC]>>KAUFMANN: Hi, my name’s David Kaufmann, I work for Complete Fixset Plastering, it’s a plastering company. At this stage we have one. But he’s in his third year. Um, yeah. He’s through word of mouth. Um. Just knowing someone else. Not really much advertisement, it’s usually kids ringing up all the time looking for a job. It’s usually […]

Technology Career Fair Connects Job Seekers With Local Employers

This is our 8th annual Technology Career Fair. It’s not just Information Technology. It is Information Technology and Visual Communications. It also includes Engineering Technology, Welding Technology, probably some Advanced Manufacturing kinds of positions and production, too. This is an industry where they’re high demand and high wage kinds of positions. And yet there’s still this talent shortage. […]

Who’s doing business with North Korea? | CNBC Explains

It may look like your typical fast food joint, but the businessman behind this Singapore-based restaurant has made history in North Korea. He opened the country’s first fast food restaurant in Pyongyang back in 2008. But who would want to do business with North Korea? It’s not as unpopular as you think. At least 80 countries traded with […]

Range Rover VELAR Car FACTORY Production | HOW IT’S MADE and How To Build a Luxury SUV Manufacturing

the new Range Rover Villa began with a blank canvas [Music] when you’re starting out engineering and designing a project you need unbridled thought that says what if unlesss was resulted in Fela the finished car is a masterpiece of design and engineering it’s a dream for a designer to work on such proportions but simple isn’t the […]

Warrior | Season 2 – Now In Production (Cinemax)

I love season two ’cause we now have the room to…look a little deeper.There’s just so much violent chemistry going on -between these characters. -(GUN CLICKS) The depth of the show, the tension, is really building. The conflict within Chinatown and the American governmentis intensifying.The Irish now are coming to a head with the Chinese.It’s becoming worse.It’s like […]

[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [단독/X101스페셜] 히든박스 미션ㅣ이진혁(티오피미디어) VS 김요한(위) 190314 EP.0

You have to shout your name before saying the answer – Okay – Like, Kim Yo Han! Mudfish! Snake! Spider! Mouse! – Why are you saying that! – You’re just listing things that are alive! – Why would you do that?! – You’re scaring me! Hello everyone, we are… Kim Yo Han from OUI And Lee Jin Hyuk […]

[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [단독/X101스페셜] 히든박스 미션ㅣ유성준(위에화) VS 이유진(개인연습생) 190314 EP.0

If he’s okay with it… can we switch sides? – Why? – My right hand is much more sensitive It’s a lot more sensitive So just put your right hand in like this You can do whatever you want – Or you can do this – I’ll just do what I can 1 2 3! Hello everyone! I’m […]

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