Science and Technology Internship Program – Info for Employers

Do you want funding to hire an intern for a Green Job in the natural resources sector? Eligible employers can receive up to 50% of the salary of an intern for a 6-to-12-month internship in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) in a natural resources sector. Find qualified people Increase your STEM and environmental capacity Green Jobs – […]

Leeds Employer Film: Northern Gas Networks (Utility Sector), 2015

Welcome to Northern Gas Networks in Leeds. We’re here to see Gareth and Catherine who’re going to talk about their roles in the utility sector. Northern Gas Network covers all of gas distribution, all of the pipes that bring gas to your homes, from Carlisle down to Hull. So we have enough pipes in Northern Gas Networks that […]

3 things to do during a conversation with an employer

Here are 3 things you could consider doing during a conversation with an employer to take your interviewing skills to the next level: 1) Take a pause: Don’t feel the urge to respond immediately to an employer. Give yourself a few seconds to gather and/or process your thoughts before delivering your answer. It’s always better to give a […]

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