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Hi I’m Tubby I live in this library with my friends gumbo and freckles I love singing songs with my friends and I love eating books everyday Freckles gumbo and I go to Holy the oldest and the wisest bookworm at the library she lives in the great book and she knows all the stories from the Bible […]

Guess Who’s a Sex Worker (Duranged) | Lineup | Cut

What are your hobbies? – I love to dance. She’s in the fields for sure. My name is Duranged Pitt. No idea. Oh shit, like — (laughter) Like they slangin’, you know what I’m saying? Like who’s slangin’ like — Like strippers and shit? Yeah, yeah, I fuck with strippers, I fuck with strippers. Yeah I’m ready, let’s […]

People Guess Who’s a Sex Worker from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

– Get it! (whip snaps loudly) – [Group] Woo! – [Isla] Got my butt hole and my vag a little bit. (group laughs) – [Isla] My name is Isla Dizon and I am a full-time student. – [Madison] I’m Madison, finance manager at a used car dealership. – [Host] Today you’re gonna be guessing who here is a […]