Service workers at scale with Facebook and Flipkart – Google I/O 2016

OWEN CAMPBELL-MOORE: Hi. Welcome back. My name is Owen, and I’m a product manager on the Chrome team. I focus on making sure that all the browsers provide you all of the capabilities that you need to be successful on the web. So I’m thrilled to be here today, joined by Aditya Punjani from Flipkart, who worked on […]

Serving Models in Production with TensorFlow Serving (TensorFlow Dev Summit 2017)

[MUSIC PLAYING] NOAH FIEDEL: Hi, everybody. I’m Noah Fidel, and I’m going to share with you today how you can serve your models in production with TensorFlow Serving. So we’re going to start with that image on the bottom right, and really this is just showing how, as an industry, software engineering is quite mature and advanced. And […]

Production Progressive Web Apps With JavaScript Frameworks (Google I/O ’17)

[LIGHT TECHNO MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] ADDY OSMANI: Hello, I/O. Last year I was up on the stage talking about the potential for building web apps with frameworks. The promise of being able to use some of the world’s best DX to ship some of the best UX on mobile. In the last year, we’ve seen massive promise here. We’ve […]

Production PWAs with frameworks (Chrome Dev Summit 2016)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] [CAR ENGINE] ADDY: That was worth the hour it took to render. [LAUGHTER] So in many ways, Polymer has been a sort of Tesla vehicle for the Chrome scene, highlighting one path for how you can shoot fast, high performance, progressive web apps that work really, really well on mobile. But we work in a […]

From Research to Production with TensorFlow Serving (Google I/O ’17)

[MUSIC PLAYING] NOAH FIEDEL: All right, good morning, Google I/O. I’m Noah Fiedel, and I’m gonna speak with you today about how to go from research to production with TensorFlow Serving. So I’m gonna start by sharing a few stories from my past and observing industry. So the first one, show of hands, who’s taken a commercial flight […]

Google Apps: New APIs for Building Rich Workflows – Google I/O 2016

JONATHAN ROCHELLE: OK, I’m Jonathan Rochelle. I’m director of product management at Google. And I co-founded a company called 2Web Technologies. This was back in 2003. And 2Web Technologies actually made a product that converted spreadsheets to web apps. It took spreadsheets that you had locally and turned them into web apps, and that was important back then. […]