Influencer Marketing: Popularity vs. Profitability

In today’s video I want to talk to you about why popularity does not equal profitability my name is Traci Reuter and I’m the CEO and founder of Divine Social we’re an Instagram and Facebook advertising agency we specialize in helping our clients tell their stories share their messaging to the right people at the right time to […]

Growth Hacking | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Growth hacking is a major buzz word in the marketing industry right now. It’s all about growing your business quickly. Last lesson, we spoke about a few examples. Do things that don’t scale. In the beginning, you may want to test out postcards or door hangers, but that’s not something you’re going to want to do when you […]

Why Most Businesses Don’t Work And What To Do About It – Systemize Your Business Ep. 5

– [Announcer] The King of High-Ticket Sales World’s Highest-Paid Consultant Media Celebrity Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur Acclaimed TEDx Speaker International Best-Selling Author Dan Lok. (dramatic music) – When we talk about in your business that is with let’s say you take an internet business for example how many of you run an internet-based business? Oh wow, quite a few, okay, […]

7 Steps To Building A Million-Dollar Business – Systemize Your Business Ep. 3

– These are the seven key areas you need to master in order to have a successful business. – [Voiceover] The King of High-Ticket Sales. World’s Highest-Paid Consultant. Media Celebrity. Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx Speaker. International Best-Selling Author. Dan Lok. – The very first step is what I call attraction. What is it called? – [Audience Members] Attraction. […]

How To Start A Business Without Money – Boss In The Bentley

– How to start a business with no money. You’re not the first one to ask me that question. Somehow, I guess, with people who are struggling financially they want to start a business and thinking that’s a way out. And sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. (upbeat electronic music) I believe the worst time you wanna start […]