Penalties for Late Workers’ Compensation Checks

Hello, my name is Jason Perkins. I’m a Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney. I specialize in helping injured workers and their family of worker’s compensation claims. One of the benefits that may be available to you under worker’s compensation law is benefits for late checks. Generally worker’s compensation pays you three types of benefits. Wage loss benefits, which are […]

Valley Fever: The Mysterious Illness Affecting Farm Workers | NBC News

Many have heard of valley fever but they don’t know the details, they don’t know it’s increasing. They don’t know how bad it can become. Imelda is not alone. A potentially deadly virus known as valley fever is hitting california farm workers hard in the central valley. I see at least three to four patients with valley fever […]

The Nebraska Medical Center Biologics Production Facility

Biologics Production Facility is a multifunctional laboratory. It is a production facility, which means our main purpose is to manufacture cellular therapy products that will be given to patients. We can assist researchers in scaling up their research ideas into a useable product and we can manufacture other things for a biotech company. We also process fairly routine […]