Affordable Metal 3D Printing for Mass Production | Desktop Metal Production System

Metal 3D printing could change much of the world around us if it was fast enough and cheap enough for mass production. Introducing the Production System, powered by Single-Pass Jetting. Add up to 100 times faster than laser based systems, it’s the first metal 3D printing solution for mass production. It works by combining two powder spreaders and […]

Sodium production

Sodium is made for use in the manufacture of indigo, the dye used for blue jeans, pharmaceutical products such as the painkiller ibuprofen, and for making petrol additives although this market is declining. Sodium manufacturing uses a cell with a graphite anode and a steel cathode. The molten sodium chloride produces chlorine gas at the anode and molten […]

Sheet Metal Worker

Right now, in the last 5-6 years of this program, basically a hundred percent of my students over the first five years are working or could be working. The unions right now know people left on their list, they’re trying to get students encouraged to finish and join the union and go to work. Whether it’s Chevron coming […]

Custom Metal Invitations & Party Favors | My Metal Business Card

Set the stage for your special event long before guests arrive. You’re looking at arguably the most jaw-dropping, memorable invitations available– all custom made-to-order from stainless steel. Our metal invitations are a keepsake that will be talked about and admired for years after your event. Each metal invitation is custom cut from sheets of stainless steel. At .5mm, […]

900,000 SUBSCRIBER SONG | Andrew Huang

♫♫ Hey, it’s Andrew Huang! (clap sound) I have 900, 000 subscribers now. That’s wild, Thank you for watching, I’ve decided we’re gonna celebrate by using – Milestone subscriber numbers as guitar tab. If you don’t know, tablature is a really effective way of – Notating music for stringed instruments. There are lines with numbers on them, Each […]