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HOW TO START BUSINESS | STARTUP 2.0 | कामयाब बिज़नेस के 5 राज़

hey, friends!There is lot of confusion among people out there while starting business. There will be lot of questions arising from confusions in their mind about business like- what business is to be done? How is it to be done? And because of this confusion majority of people would not even start a business So ,I am going […]

Elite: Dangerous – A non profitable trading run – yes you read right ! – Slow Money !

Hi it’s commander Ricardo how you doing I’m still playing elite dangerous horizons season 2 now it’s only a few days really until beyond chapter 1 is released and we’re all waiting anticipation for that somebody on my community came and gave me a tip for trading so I was in the vicinity I thought I head on […]

Making Profitable Real Estate Videos – Borino Coaching for Agents – PT 3

I also see the cool things remember this watched it I can’t imagine the second part check this out right here where do we have it here Google and NAR did that study 85 percent of people want agents with video but notice the second number right here only 15 percent of agents so far are making videos […]

4 Stages Of A Trader – Here’s How to Become a Profitable Trader

There are four stages of a trader and based on my experience, every trader is going through these four stages before becoming a highly profitable trader. A lot of people start out trading not knowing what they are doing, not having a system, not knowing how to limit their risk. This is how they lose a lot of […]

The Money Multiplier

♪ [music] ♪ [Alex] Now that we know how money is defined, we’ll learn how banks can affect the supply of money through fractional reserve banking. Let’s imagine that you graduate from college and your grandma gives you $1,000 in cash — that she’s been saving under her mattress since the 1970s. And you deposit this cash in […]


Hi guys. Welcome back to this channel. My name is Christa Bello. I’m so happy I’m pumped up to have you here today? So in today’s video we want to talk about how to discover your purposeful business. And if you’re here looking to start a business, I want to congratulate you because in this day and age, […]

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