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a Star Media Production based upon the novel by OLGA TASHLYKOVA written by MARINA MEDNIKOVA, OLGA SOLOVYOVA ANDREY KUZICHEV – Kirill YULIA GALKINA – Vika KARINA ANDOLENKO – Lena LIUDMILA KUREPOVA – Liuda Vikie, I’m not in such a big hurry. MIKHAIL TARABUKIN – Oleg Kirie, I still cannot understand why you don’t want my Dad to call […]

How Julia Reichert Gained The Trust of Workers & Factory Chairman for ‘American Factory’ | Close Up

(upbeat music) – Access is a big part of subject choice, as well. Julia, in your case, you were dealing with this Chinese entrepreneur who gave you extraordinary access even when he was going through some rocky times. Can you talk about navigating that relationship? – You know, I live in Dayton, Ohio and it’s you know, kind […]

“Sex Workers Area Is Must For Chennai” – Open Talk Interview With Sandra – Thalayanai Pookal Kalpana

Red colour is usually attributed to red light area But because of them at least 1% of the problems in the society is non existent If there is a red light area in Chennai, i Tamilnadu These problems will be reduced [Music plays] If you say that this is good thing that you have told but we are […]

Jamie Foxx Interviews Denzel Washington || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

– (both laugh) – I got jokes! Put me in the movie. I got jokes! – The person who’s about to walk out… Two Oscars, three Golden Globes, Tony under his belt. King Kong ain’t got shit on him but, that’s not, that’s not the end of this. When you think about… Say if it was Michael Jordan, […]

LSV Episode 5 | New Web Series India 2017 | First Kut Productions

Today’s horoscope. Today’s your lucky day to make a love connection. Jimmy…love connection… lucky day. Be careful of Librans. I see… Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ can form hurdles in your path. Rahu’… ‘Ketu’. Messhy, I am leaving for my interview. Take care. Rahu’ is gone… I just hope ‘Ketu’ leaves too. Bye, Messhy. I have an important meeting today. […]

BOSS BABY Back in Business Trailer EXTENDED (NEW 2018) Netflix, Animation HD

So in summary I am on top of things and (crash) (scream) (scream) (baby crying) Ok, I’m out (scream) And let that teach you a valuable lesson What lesson?! (baby crying) I will get back to you when I figure that out Come on It’s headed for the break room! Stuart, get sugared up! (screaming) So, he gets […]