MR. Productions “The Fame” Short Film 2019 | with English subtitles

Kathi creations is making a new film with Cutiepie Khushbu. Is it? I got a chance in this movie due to social media. Cutiepie Khushbu. Okay. She herself will be scared to see her dubsmashes… …Even then if she got a chance in the movie… …There is no wonder in Lucky getting an oscar. So, for the whole […]

MR. Productions ‘Okka Kshanam’ Short Film 2018 with English Subtitles

On 2006, December 31st. It’s around 11:30pm. ¢ Train Announcement ¢  Your attention please… Train Number 7221 from Kakinada Port to Lokamanya Tilak Terminal, LTT Express… …Is running by two hours late. Pchh! Too late, I might frozen to death. Sighs. Excuse me! I never believed in miracles till the  moment I fell for her. Hello, Excuse me! Yeah. I forgot […]

MR. Productions presents “Foreign Sambandam” by Anurag

Foreign Alliance In “80’s”, one from a village would travel to America. Then in “90’s”, one from each street started arriving in the US. and these days entire families including maids and the family dog are traveling here. Isn’t it fantastic? Earning dollars and moving around with collar high, all the software engineers here are fellow middle class […]

MR. Productions || 100th Short Film || ‘Prayanam’ 2015 || with English Subtitles

“Love and caring of a family can melt any heart to love.” ♪ Song Playing ♪ Somehow Ram I think it’s not correct to continue our relationship anymore.. It’s better to break-up. It’s waste to discuss after taking a decision Sita, let’s break-up. “The Journey” You are listening to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, it is very hot! Today, […]