[NEWS IN-DEPTH] South Korea’s economic growth outlook for 2020

the Korean economy suffered in 2019 amid a pile of domestic and global economic challenges the us-china trade war Japan’s abrupt trade restrictions and sluggish domestic consumption investment were some of the main factors that dragged down the economy against this backdrop the Korean government gave quite a positive outlook for the nation’s growth in 2020 but opinions […]

South Korea’s economic growth outlook for 2020

the South Korean government is sounding optimistic about the local economy a certain market uncertainties subside our kim moosung has more on the projections for Korea’s economy in the new year the South Korean government expects the local economy to post growth of 2.4 percent in 2020 up from last year’s two percent other economic research institutes and […]

BREAKING NEWS: Yogscast CaffCast dropped from company amidst harassment allegations

Your news for today local internet sensation and superstar CaffCast has been caught as perhaps a noncey bastard this just in folks apparently Caffcast of the Yogscast has been grooming women online using his supreme Yogscast influence and powers to get who knows what out of them Reports say that Caffcast was dming these women, asking for nudes […]

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