Business Cycles Explained: Real Business Cycle Theory

Economists call it real business cycle theory, but maybe that’s a funny name for lay people. What it really means is that business cycles are often caused by negative shocks to technology. Let’s make that more concrete. Let’s say you’re back in the year 20,000 BC and there’s a bad harvest. A lot of people starve; a lot […]

business finance 101, business finance definition, basics, and best practices

you have a great idea you have a product or service for which the war has been waiting you’ve scraped together enough cash to get your ID off the ground you have a location you’ve done your advertising you just know this is going to work and six months later you’re out of business statistics from the Small […]

Earn Your Business Degree at the Southern Oregon University School of Business

Business is what makes the world go around. You need business skills in every industry you go into. I think one of the joys of being an an instructor, a professor, or mentor is that I get to see students transition or blossom, or develop, you know, from maybe as a freshman and then go through our program […]

5 Tips for Musicians to Become Entrepreneurs | Music Business | Panos Panay

[MUSIC] So in this video we’re going to be talking about entrepreneurship, and why musicians make great entrepreneurs generally speaking. So I’m joined with Panos Panay. And he is the Vice President for Innovation and Strategy with Berklee College of Music. So thank you, Panos, for being here today.>>Thank you.>>So what is entrepreneurship? I feel like that’s a […]

what is growth hacking? understanding growth hacking basics and best practices

growth hacking starts with the business model you’ll need to have a model that is easy to scale and this makes sense if you’re going for aggressive growth you can’t let your business model slow you down if you’re running an online business that might be making sure your technology will scale to meet the influx of traffic […]

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