CoINVEST online Workers Days and Wages Form

Submitting your quarterly Workers Days and Wages information with CoINVEST online has never been easier! Simply login using your registration number and password and you’ll be instantly notified if you have an outstanding Workers Days and Wages submission; You can access this straight away by clicking “Go to WDW” or you can always go to it later by […]

New employers: Hiring your first employees

I’m Celia Nightingale the Small Business Liaison for the Department of Labor and Industries. And I’m Aaron Hoffman, the Assistant Liaison. I’m glad to know that your business is growing. As a new employer, you will have many new responsibilities. Responsibilities for following lawful employment practices, for payroll and recordkeeping, for paying employment taxes and workers’ compensation insurance, […]

UMA Employer Testimonial – Michael from CVS Health

I’m a lead manager of workforce initiatives and we’re a very small department within CVS health and we are really a department that delivers non-traditional recruiting. We choose to hire UMA graduates mainly because of the support we get from UMA. The graduates we know get support from the time that they graduate from the program until they’re […]

Why I Don’t Have A Business Partner Anymore

so I personally like to separate my personal relationships from my professional relationships because I can walk away from the professional ones personal ones can never escape them [Music] thanks Chris my name’s Brendan Shanley I have a business associate who I work with who’s based of Anchorage we’ve been working together for about five years now the […]