Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Captured Power Rangers | Episode 16 “Monkey Business”

(phone rings) Hello? It’s Levi. I feel terrible because Hayley started the food fight. I knew it. Hayley will do anything to win. She’s got another plan to cheat. Go to Fraser Plaza right now, and you’ll catch her in the act. I’ll be right there. Thanks, Levi. (suspenseful music) Hayley? I know you’re here. [Woman’s Voice] Hey, […]

The Psychology of Solitude: Being Alone Can Maximize Productivity, with Scott Barry Kaufman

A lot of people fear solitude yet the great psychiatrist Winnicott said that the capacity for solitude is one of the greatest markers of psychological health. So if you can develop your capacity for solitude that means that you are okay being alone with yourself. As Cal Newport who wrote the book Deep Work notes some of the […]