Growth Mindset

– Here are two seeds. Both planted on the same day, in the same soil, in the same garden bed. One is very curious, full of life and ready to grow as tall as it can. The other is filled with fear. “What if the sun is too strong and burns my leaves once I grow?”, it thinks. […]

Profile: production coordinator, factual TV

My name is Kassi Jones and I’m a production co-ordinator in history and business but I can take my skills anywhere. I could work in science, art, consumer and documentaries. It’s a really transferable skill to any department within the BBC. Production wise I am there to look at the day-to-day picture… what’s going on helping organise that. […]

Alexander Osterwalder: The Business Model Canvas

Now, what is this language about? It’s about nine building blocks. Nine building blocks that allow you to describe or design every business model you can imagine, ultimate possibilities, thousands of alternatives. So, let’s watch a little movie, two minutes that will explain what the Business Model Canvas is. If I explain it, it will probably take 15 […]

Mod-1 Lec-1 Production Planning and Control

I welcome you to this lecture on Production Planning and Control, I am P.K. Jain professor in the Department Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. The contents of this lecture are as I will cover concepts of production planning, concepts of production control, sub functions of production planning and control, type of production systems; and […]

Lecture – 36 Aggregate Production Planning: Basic Concepts

In the last two lectures we have been talking about forecasting and various methods of forecasting. As you all know the forecast of demand is a very important input to the planning exercise and in today’s lecture we are going to be talking about utilizing demand forecasting for purposes of aggregate production planning. Aggregate production planning is the […]

Weekly Plan With Me | What happens when I don’t get everything done?

Today I thought it would be nice to do a good old-fashioned weekly plan with me so if you’re interested in seeing how I plan a very typical week in my life and the planning supplies that I use over and over again then stay tuned because this video is for you hello my Charmed Ones and welcome […]

PRODUCTIVITY ✍? Bullet Journal | July Plan With Me

Today we’re talking bullet journal productivity! Hello, it’s Ann from Veggie Magnifique — your go-to for holistic wellness and vegan lifestyle, and today we’re talking about bullet journal productivity. So these are just some ideas that have been helping me to upwatt my productivity. because I’ll be honest with you, July is an extremely busy month for me. […]

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