My Planning Routine

a novel planning routine for me includes writing in three planets and though it may seem excessive this is a system that works best for me I still recommend everyone to stick to one planner or bullet journal only but since I do planning videos I like to work with multiple calendars to be able to produce videos […]

Planning for Thandi’s future – Diagnostic Report – National Planning Commission (NPC)

You may ask why government needs a planning function. Surely it has so much power, it can pass laws in Parliament, it can employ people, it can design policies. But what we’ve seen in South Africa and the story told by the diagnostic released by the National Planning Commission is that things go wrong, and it’s very important […]

(PIN) Planning on Paper. “P” of My PIN Plan-Interaction-Notes Productivity Model.

I believe planning of the paper is much more efficient and planning on the computer so I need various tools for the project planning i use the multi planner the notre so for each project i could have the index part the project status then project the project the project at the timeline so whatever i need to […]