10 Books EVERY Student Should Read – Essential Book Recommendations

Hey, what is up guys? So, I have got some book recommendations for you today and I am doing these in the middle of the summer so for those of you who want to get ahead before the school semester starts. You’ll have at least a month and a half. Right, Martin? About two months, maybe? So, I’ve […]

5 Steps to Stop Procrastinating, Focus & Be Productive

How can we be more productive? There’s a lot of ways: Use the pomodoro technique, break the project down into smaller pieces, drink coffee, remove distractions from your workplace, listen to classical music (specifically this song), and just don’t procrastinate. Okay- Wha, What about that last bit? You know how you’ll have everything ready to do your work, […]

How to Stay Motivated for the Entire School Year

– Every new school year brings with it the same age-old problem: the constant war of attrition that is fought against your motivation as the semester wears on. See, in the beginning of the semester, your motivation levels are usually high. You’ve got brand-new classes that you’re excited to take and there’s usually not a whole lot on […]

3 Time Management Tips for How to Be Productive and Conquer Procrastination with Proper Planning

One of the most common questions that I get asked is how to properly manage tasks on a day to day basis and this can come from the perspective of a developer an employee an entrepreneur or simply a lifelong learner. All of us have a wide ranging set of tasks that we have to get accomplished on […]

How the Internet Ruins Productivity (by Design)

The title of this article is “How the internet ruins productivity by design” and maybe it should be called how the internet ruins your CAPACITY for productivity by design. Anyways. The age of mental “peak performance” “Peak Performance” is a term that’s being used not only for athletes’ physical performance, but for people just trying to get ahead […]

7 Easy Ways To Stay Productive and Achieve All Your Goals

Well hello Bestie viewer it is I, PRODUCTIVITY MAN! I’m here to show you ways that you can stay productive and break the evil spell of my nemesis and villian, The procrastination crustacean! Before we get into the superhero stuff, why not subscribe to bestie and click the notification bell. Help productivity man by watching this video until […]

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