Understanding J-pop: Why the J-pop idols will succeed on Produce 48

You probably heard of produce 48 the show where Jpop and k-pop stars compete side-by-side with one another It’s a third season of the produce 101 series and naturally It got a lot of hype one of the main Storylines is how the J pop stars can’t really compete with the k-pop stars that the k-pop stars come […]

Filipinos [Non-Fans] React to Kpop #14 (PRODUCE 48, PRODUCE 101 Season 2) | EL’s Planet

OMG I know him! What? Oh, it’s a bed! I like how he’s already dressed. Oh my God! I know this guy! I watched his drama. He’s really an artist. The Gumiho one. You know, I watched him in a drama already before. I forgot the title. Gumiho!!! I love Korean Dramas. What drama [did you watch with […]

[eng sub] who is song hyungjun? // PRODUCE X 101

[starship song hyungjun] [showing off his charms with a funny dance routine~] [handing it over to son dongpyo trainee] [song hyungjun & son dongpyo’s collaboration!] [the dance battle reaches its climax] [amazing synchronization!] [kim sihun what are you doing…] [what a cute shy bean blblblblbl] [nam donghyun trainee spots his first victim] hyungjun : i’m song hyungjun from […]

The Dark Side Of Produce 101? (프로듀스 101) || Midnight Theories || K-spiracies ?

Wanna One, IZ*ONE, I’m sure you’ve have heard these names in recent years Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or you’ve just gone into kpop and if that’s the case I’ll let you slide just this once These three groups were formed under a little survival show called Produce 101 Produce 101 started off as a girl […]