The Video Production Technology Program at Pellissippi State

At Pellissippi State Community College, you can earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Media Technologies, with a concentration in Video Production Technology. Our degree program is not only a well-rounded introduction to television and film production, it allows specialized, hands-on learning in all areas of media, including shooting, editing, directing, and much more. Students have full […]

The Big Bang Theory Season 5: Professors of Production [HD] [CC]

I wanna ask you a favor, to just give a great hand to our amazing crew here who… [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING & CHEERING] Thank you very much to the crew. My relationship with the department heads is interesting… …because as a director, I have to deal with all of them. There’s just a lot of interaction that goes on […]

Semiconductor export volume and production increase in Korea

now South Korea’s exports fell for the eleventh straight month this October amid slowing global trade and the ongoing us-china trade spat but the production and export value of volume rather of semiconductors has been going up and demand for chips is also expected to rise our business correspondent Kim il-sung has this report data shows semiconductor exports […]

Industrial Production Manager Career Video

Whether their product is a golf club, a car, or a frozen dinner, industrial production managers ensure that production operations meet quality and safety standards, comply with regulations, and stay on schedule. Industrial production managers also plan how to make the best use of equipment and workers to meet their goals, all while keeping costs within budget. They […]

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