Productivity Hacks Every Social Media Manager Needs to Know

Hi, social media marketers. My name is Kerri from Socialbakers and I wanna share our top five productivity hacks from the experts. Today’s marketers are having to deal with two big challenges. Number one: Staying at the forefront of an ever-changing social media landscape. Number two: Understanding that success is achieved by maintaining this velocity but without the […]

BATCHING TASKS FOR EFFICIENCY: Embracing The Power Of Batching For Daily Productivity

Hey you! Welcome back to Module 3 of Supercharge Your Productivity. In lesson 3 we’ll be going over a real-life example of how to use batching, that of creating your own website from scratch. You can either use this example yourself when creating your own website, or apply it to your own project that you chose in the […]

Timeboxing Technique – Elon Musk’s Productivity Hack

You may have heard about Elon Musk’s crazy work schedule and how he works more hours than the average American. If you ever wondered how he does it, well, heres a simplified answer. Elon Musk plans his day out in 5 minute increments and has everything pre planned in advance. This technique is called timeboxing but it is […]

How to Increase Productivity Exponentially | Sudhir Khollam – Prosperity Coach

Do you want to increase your daily productivity? exponentially? Are you focussing on work but your work does’nt seem to complete? You know what? Thats the exact challenge. You are focussing too much on work. If you want to know this secret, keep watching this video. Well, you heard me right, focussing only on work is not going […]

How to Get More Done & Be Productive! | My Top 5 Productivity Hacks

hey what’s up Stefanie the English Coach here from in this video I’m gonna give you some productivity hacks that will help you learn more learn faster stop wasting time etcetera so the struggle is real right I don’t know about you but I am constantly trying to optimize my time get more done in less time […]

5 Steps to Stop Procrastinating, Focus & Be Productive

How can we be more productive? There’s a lot of ways: Use the pomodoro technique, break the project down into smaller pieces, drink coffee, remove distractions from your workplace, listen to classical music (specifically this song), and just don’t procrastinate. Okay- Wha, What about that last bit? You know how you’ll have everything ready to do your work, […]

The Busy Person’s Everyday Routines For Productivity | Cédric Waldburger

Lately I’ve been traveling a whole bunch. So much that last year I think I was on a total of 120 flights so I barely spent two days in the same city and very often less than a week in the same time. One thing that I’ve realized is that life goes by extremely quickly, especially when you […]

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