How have IRM qualifications helped Fiona Davidge and her employer?

I studied for the IRM Diploma over 10 years ago. My employer at the time decided that we needed a corporate risk management process, and I was dispatched to look at what were the best qualifications, and information I could gain on the subject. I looked at the marketplace and decided the IRM Diploma offered a good mix […]

Benefits of truED for Employers | Champlain College

(click) We see the potential top talent out there in the marketplace drawn to Dealertrack as an employer of choice partly because of the truED opportunities that they have. The ability to go back to school, keep their minds engaged, to stay fresh, that’s essential for people who are engaged and at the top of their game. So […]

5 Amazing Tips & Tricks for Lightning Fast Productivity in Adobe Premiere Pro

Hey, what’s up boys and girls I’m ignace Aleya from and today it’s a second filmmaking Friday spin that intro if you enjoy my videos be sure to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon to make sure that you get notified when I upload new videos we are going to be talking about how […]

CDW Orchestrates a Productivity-On-The-Go Solution

>>IT PROFESSIONAL: Thank you so much for coming in.>>CDW: Is something going around?>>IT PROFESSIONAL: Yeah, ugh, welcome to cold season.>>CDW: You know at CDW we get that sometimes it’s smart to work outside the office. That’s why we would suggest the powerful, portable Lenovo T480 to let your people stay productive from anywhere.>>IT PROFESSIONAL: Wow, I feel really […]