There’s No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)

Incubate Pictures presents In association with Post Carbon Institute There’s No Tomorrow This is the earth, as it looked 90 million years ago. Geologists call this period the ‘Late Cretaceous’. It was a time of extreme global warming, When dinosaurs still ruled the planet. They went about their lives, secure in their place at the top of the […]

Civ 5: A Barbarian Has Captured Your Worker

[Barbarian Angry Mumbles] [sarcastically] Oh, God! A barbarian! Ah, what a way to go! He’s capturing me… Everybody should just go back to what they were doing and not worry about it– Go. Go. I’m right behind you, go. [Barbarian mumbles] [Civ 5 Barbarian Notification Sound Effect] [Barbarian Mumbles] Worry not, my friend! I will remove this blight […]

#shortfilms #hindi #struggleofwoman BONUS | HINDI SHORT FILM | BANYAN PRODUCTION

Sakshi! please take the waste from the Dustbin And your salary is in the drawer, don’t forget to take it while leaving the office. Enough! Hey! Hey! Hey stop! enough! just stop it! Hey listen! you have to sweep the floor today and need to clean up other room spaces, too. Okay sir! It’s seems that sweeper won’t […]

Civ 6: New Workers

*Wind Chimes* Hey. Hey new guy. Uh, well actually I’ve been doing this for a few centuries. Uhm, but then your country recently defeated mine, so I guess I’m technically new. Or technically you’re new, but that tha- that’s splitting hairs. Yeah yeah, so the others have informed me that you’re not building up to code. What? -Hey. […]

Post Production Workflow – Understand it or DIE! – IFH 014

– [Alex] Welcome to another episode of the Indie File Hustle Podcast, Episode Number 14. The best way to pursue happiness is to help other people, nothing else will make you happier, George Lucas. – [Announcer] Broadcasting from the back alley in Hollywood, it’s the Indie Film Hustle Podcast, where we show you how to survive and thrive, […]

RT Shorts – Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour

[funky music plays] [swooshing noise] Hello and welcome to Rooster Teeth Production’s Production Studios We, here at Rooster Teeth, p-pride ourselves on making some of the top quality content that you see on the internet every day. I’m going to take a tour of the studio, and I thought that you would like to come along. Join me […]