PRODUCE X 101 – ‘DREAM FOR YOU’ ( 꿈을 꾼다) Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

it felt like my eyes were closed in the beginning it was a path with no lights slowly as i walked light slowly gathered the dark day is slowly lighting up and that light is you I will sing for you that is not so far away even if this dream like time passes by , I will […]

Gary Douglas Changes Girl’s Singing Voice In 5 Minutes

Somebody who would like to increase their singing voice that is not professional and is still interested in creating their voice, that hasn’t done this before preferably, that would be willing to come down and be a little “guinea pig” for us? Anybody, nobody? Okay come on down, honey. And here’s Audrey ladies and gentleman. (applause) All right […]

Major productivity hack for musicians | Andrew Huang

Hey it’s Andrew Huang. Today I’m recording a whole bunch of guitar, let’s bring it back over to the studio I thought I would talk today about the assembly line I think there’s a misconception about music creation that every moment is somehow inspired, and that’s really not true It’s definitely one of those 1% inspiration 99% perspiration […]

900,000 SUBSCRIBER SONG | Andrew Huang

♫♫ Hey, it’s Andrew Huang! (clap sound) I have 900, 000 subscribers now. That’s wild, Thank you for watching, I’ve decided we’re gonna celebrate by using – Milestone subscriber numbers as guitar tab. If you don’t know, tablature is a really effective way of – Notating music for stringed instruments. There are lines with numbers on them, Each […]