Studying business or enterprise with Pearson

ADNAN ILAHI: Students come into Business Studies thinking it will be a certain way, and what we’ve found from this new specification from Edexcel is they really learn about different elements of a business, and decision making within a business. ARCHANA KRISHNAVENI: I think the course gives you a lot of financial skills and maths and also gives […]

Australian Apprenticeships – Employer Award presentation – 2018 Australian Training Awards

– Minister, a really important award. This one, the Australian Apprenticeships Employer award. Some great finalists. Let’s have a look. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Leading the way in early childhood education and care, Affinity Education Group delivers online learning, industry training, and on the job assessment for its 3,000 plus educators. Launching its learning academy in 2017, Affinity […]

Introducing Emsi Skills: A Common Language for Employers, Educators, and Jobseekers

– So after years of hard work, understanding how the labor market interacts, we’ve realized that there’s skills at the heart of everything. And we’ve identified 30,000 skills that we use as part of the Emsi skills interactions. But what we’re excited to announce is that we’re opening up that library of skills in an open-skills project that […]

Small Business Revolution Documentary | The Entrepreneurial Spirit of America

(Herjavec) One of my favorite sayings is that the business of America is business. It is still the greatest country in the world to come to these shores and start a small business. There’s a very unique culture that we have in terms of taking risks. We encourage entrepreneurship more than any other country in the world. When […]