Renee Stoll – TV Reporter Exits News Business to Start Media Company, Fly Drones

in this edition of Ex-TVNewsers we are talking to a woman who left her TV news job she started her own business and likes to fly drones on the side hi I’m Jennifer Moore Ex-TVProducer we are here with Renee Stoll and Renee used to be a reporter and then she decided to leave and do her own […]

Guess Who’s a Sex Worker (Duranged) | Lineup | Cut

What are your hobbies? – I love to dance. She’s in the fields for sure. My name is Duranged Pitt. No idea. Oh shit, like — (laughter) Like they slangin’, you know what I’m saying? Like who’s slangin’ like — Like strippers and shit? Yeah, yeah, I fuck with strippers, I fuck with strippers. Yeah I’m ready, let’s […]

Alexander Osterwalder: Tools for Business Model Generation [Entire Talk]

Without further ado, Alexander. Thank you, Tina. Okay. So, hello, everybody. You know it’s funny actually to stand here because when I started out with this topic, I got a phone call from somebody who wanted to work with me who is in Geneva and I live just around the corner. We were talking and he said, oh, […]

A Dating Coach Guesses Who’s Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut

– I think you’re sleeping together. – Do I look gay? – Yeah. – All right. (upbeat music) – I’m Cora Boyd. I am a dating and relationship coach for men. – [Interviewer] Why just men? – There’s not a ton of dating support available for men. And then also, just being a woman myself, I have that […]