Studying business or enterprise with Pearson

ADNAN ILAHI: Students come into Business Studies thinking it will be a certain way, and what we’ve found from this new specification from Edexcel is they really learn about different elements of a business, and decision making within a business. ARCHANA KRISHNAVENI: I think the course gives you a lot of financial skills and maths and also gives […]

Studying Gig Economy Workers’ Decisions – Wharton Prof. Gad Allon at Global Forum London

>>There’s a whole new economy out there called the gig economy, driven primarily by the fact that all of us have a mobile device, by excess amount of data that all firms have, and driven primarily by new platforms that allow for a perfect match between supply and demand. And when I say supply, it means supply for […]

Study English – Series 1, Episode 3: Company Growth

Hello. I’m Margot Politis. Welcome to Study English, IELTS preparation. Today we’re going to talk about businesses, and different ways to discuss economic information. We’re going to listen to an interview with the head of a large clothing company. Then we’re going to look at how he describes the success of his company. Here’s Derek O’Neill. Well, we’ve […]

The Business of English – Episode 2: Why don’t you join us?

Well, it’s been good to meet you Sam, and very interesting to hear about your business. Look, we are having a small dinner for some of our clients and friends after this. Why don’t you join us? That’s very kind of you. I’ll just check with my associate whether they have other arrangements for us. Your associate is […]

The Business of English – Episode 1: Pleased to meet you

Thank you very much. Hello, I don’t think we’ve met. Sam Eriks. Victor Tang. Pleased to meet you. And what company are you from Mr Tang? OceanWide. I’m the sales representative for this region. Ah yes. I know your company. Your business is expanding very rapidly at the moment. Yes, we’re doing quite well. And yourself? Who do […]

Growth, Cities, and Immigration: Crash Course US History #25

Hi, I’m John Green, this is CrashCourse U.S. History and today we’re going to continue our extensive look at American capitalism. Mr. Green, Mr. Green, I’m sorry are you saying that I grow up to be a tool of the bourgeoisie… Oh not just a tool of the bourgeoise, Me from the Past, but a card-carrying member of […]

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