I Tried Ben Franklin’s Daily Schedule For a Week: Here’s What Happened

[Music] so this is Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule so what am i doing what is this all about lately I’ve been looking for methods and systems to incorporate in my life to be more productive more effective and more balanced I’m on a mission right now and I’m trying to build up the habits that will help me […]

How to Create a Morning Routine (and Stick to It Long-Term)

I’m the CEO of Happy Gorilla Vegan Protein Bars. We make vegan protein bars that are 150% vegan. Last year we did $11 billion in revenue. – I think the most important aspect, like literally the most important thing is my morning routine. I get up at three a.m. every single morning and I meditate for six hours. […]

University Study with Me! A Day In The Life of a Maths Student

Good morning. It’s Thursday the 22nd of February and it’s the first day of the uni strikes. There’s a figure being thrown round that the average academic will lose £10,000 a year in pension pay. I don’t know how accurate that is because it’s, like, kind of everywhere and usually these kind of statistics are just kind of […]

HOW TO STUDY FOR EXAMS Effectively | my study routine 2019

in today’s video im going to walk you through my current university or studying routine. in this video i will be studying for a classical culture test. so thats a combination of greek history and literature The first thing i do before i start a heavy study session is plan previously For that i use my bullet journal/planner […]

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