Why Multitasking Kills Productivity (How to Be Productive in Your Life and Business Part 2)

Hi, Kayla here from Kayla Roxas.com. I’m here, in Paris, in front of the beautiful Sacre Coeur, the view here is amazing, I wish you were here to see it. Today I’m here to share with you productivity tip number two. And productivity tip number two is to stop multitasking; and to start doing what I call ‘single-tasking’. […]

🔵 T.D. Jakes 2019 – It Shall Come to Pass! – T.D. Jakes Motivational Video!

I want you to look at Deuteronomy 28 we might be there all night and it shall come to pass the things that God has promised you shall not my shall come to pass now your ability to believe that determines your ability to receive that hear me if you don’t believe that you won’t receive that you […]

Boost Your Productivity with GQueues and Getting Things Done®

Welcome to GQueues, the leading Google-integrated task manager for people and teams. Today, we’re going to talk about a process called GTD,® better known as Getting Things Done.® In David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done,® he outlines a process for organizing your life and accomplishing your goals, which has become pretty popular. A central concept in GTD® is […]

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