12 Ways to Expand Yourself | personal growth ideas & resources 🌟

Hey guys! Welcome back to Lavendaire. It’s Aileen. Today I want to share 12 ways to expand yourself in 2019. These are just some personal growth ideas that you can add to your list for the new year. Personally, I want to explore and experience this year. That’s my theme for the year. So I want to stretch […]

How to Get Your Business the Most Attention Possible in 2020 | Game Changers Summit Keynote 2019

This is black-and-white, I don’t know what emotional Hurdle, you need to get over to get into this. I don’t know if you don’t realize how content You actually are I don’t know if you don’t realize that the words coming out of your mouth from ambition Don’t match your action because you don’t actually mean it. I […]

Making Profitable Real Estate Videos – Borino Coaching for Agents – PT 3

I also see the cool things remember this watched it I can’t imagine the second part check this out right here where do we have it here Google and NAR did that study 85 percent of people want agents with video but notice the second number right here only 15 percent of agents so far are making videos […]

Understanding Prayer: Growth (7/10)

Carol Dweck, the Stanford psychologist, changed our entire understanding of human development in her paradigm shifting book, Mindset. What interested her was why some children went on to great achievement, and others not. What really fascinated her was the fact that it didn’t depend on their abilities. What made the difference was that some children fear failure, so […]

Growth Hacking at Elium

The whole idea here is to help you to understand how to go from awareness acquisition to referal but also how to connect the whole growth hacking strategy with sales and create actionable sales machines. Together we’re going to be working on real cases with the top the scale-ups in Belgium. My name is Michael Humblet and I […]

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