Using Data to Support Teacher and Student Growth

>>Teacher: I’m noticing twos across the board, in all three areas, which really suggests a need for a lot of support.>>Data drives everything that we do.>>Teacher: So which one do you think is heavy?>>Student: This one here.>>It’s being in the classrooms, observing and providing immediate support so that every day, we’re learning and growing.>>Teacher: And a horse.>>Thomas: Educare […]

Learning Problem Solving and Growth Mindset in a Makerspace

>>Linda: The best activities in classrooms develop a lot of skills at one time, both cognitive and social-emotional.>>As we talk a lot about the complex thinking and problem solving that people need to be able to do in today’s society, in order to do that, you need the capacity to self-regulate, to manage your time and your emotions. […]

Growth Mindset for students – Episode 1/5

Chapter 1, Mojo discovers a secret about his brain. A secret that will change the way he looks at the world forever! Our story begins with Mojo, a friendly monster who loved school, especially math. Until one day, when something terrible happened. The math problems got harder. Nothing made sense anymore! Mojo had a devastating thought. He just […]

Proverbs 14

into the Word Proverbs we’re going to pick it up in chapter 14 and Lord willing we’ll make it through to chapter 15 but hold on very loosely to chapter 15 because there are several Proverbs in chapter 14 that I think we should spend the needed time on and so this is our pace I guess you […]

You MUST Have This On Your English Teacher Resume for Employers Overseas

what’s up everybody, so today’s video I would like to tell you about a fantastic tool that I used extensively for about the past decade and I believe this how long I’ve been using this so a lot of you know about Skype a lot of you if you’ve sent me a resume one of the first […]

Developmental Services Worker – Durham College

Developmental service worker program is helping people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, um, as well as physical disabilities, it’s helping them, sort of get integrated in the community. When people think of developmental disabilities they automatically think of, you know, autism and down syndrome, but there is so much more out there as well. I’ve learned a […]