Job interview tips – What employers are looking for

Hello I’m Howard Ebison and I’m the Customer Service Director at East Midlands Airport. My top tips for being jobsmart are firstly, have the right attitude. Go into your application form and your interview knowing that you want this job. Secondly look the part, be presentable, be smart. Make sure that you look your very best, because it’s […]

Political engagement online takes work, too. Here’s why.

So when we think about the digital activism gap and how I found that groups with more resources, groups with more organizational infrastructure, and also conservatives were more likely to use the internet than their left, more horizontal, poor and working class counterparts, it’s important to think about why that is and how that could possibly change, and […]

Developmental Services Worker – Durham College

Developmental service worker program is helping people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, um, as well as physical disabilities, it’s helping them, sort of get integrated in the community. When people think of developmental disabilities they automatically think of, you know, autism and down syndrome, but there is so much more out there as well. I’ve learned a […]

Ray Anderson: The business logic of sustainability

Believe me or not, I come offering a solution to a very important part of this larger problem, with the requisite focus on climate. And the solution I offer is to the biggest culprit in this massive mistreatment of the earth by humankind, and the resulting decline of the biosphere. That culprit is business and industry, which happens […]

Advice for Non Black Social Workers of Color

For non-black clinical social workers, they have this – there’s a common ground. We have experienced racism, not in the same way necessarily, but I’ve experienced, this is something, I can use that knowledge, my expertise, the expertise that I have in my experiences of racism to counsel you, to support you, to validate you. I can discern […]

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