Why Is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for IVF Suddenly So Popular?

Hello I’m Robert Gleicher MD and I’m the medical director and chief scientist here at the Center for Human Reproduction in New York City a subject of our presentation today is the use of human growth hormone and the reason why we have chosen to make it another video on this subject is that we have seen an […]

SAME DRAWING, EIGHTH TIME?! | 8 Years of Artistic Growth (Tracking the Ups and Downs)

For the last 8 years, I have been drawing the same illustration over and over again to track my progress and my regressions when it comes my art style and my art skills . While I show you my latest illustration, I’m gonna talk about what’s changed, what’s better, what’s worse, and what’s gonna happen in the future. […]

Why consumer startups should obsess over their Resting Growth Rate (RGR) with Kent Bennett – Ep 5

(upbeat music) – Investors may not tell you this, but to be a truly exciting early stage consumer startup, you need to grow really fast. 100% growth is sort of just okay. The benchmarks are really scary. If you think of companies like AirBNB, Uber, Pinterest, and others, they were growing 1000% every year, often for several years […]

Influencer Marketing vs Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping in 2020

(soft music) – Yo, what is going on money team, welcome back to another video, It’s your Mohammed Kumar, you already know what it is, I do wanna congratulate our last contest winner, I announced that in the community tab, so if you entered the giveaway of my last video, go check that out in the community section, […]

Locked out workers visit Co-op’s Annual General Meeting

Today’s the annual general meeting for all the retailers so the retailers are the people that own us own the refinery and so these are the people that make the decisions or should be making the decisions and we’re here to tell them to ask the tough questions in the meeting right they locked us out they’re paying […]

How to make a startup profitable | App Monetization | Udacity

There’s a difference between a business making a lot of money, and actually being profitable. Right?>>Absolutely. We want our start-up to generate earnings that eclipse its expenses. If our business generate 1 million a month in revenue, but need to pay in expenses one and a half, we are in a problem. However, if in the same scenario, […]

The 5 Minute Rule for Instagram Growth (Instagram Strategy)

Okay. So I have this five minute rule that I’ve never shared, but it’s been a big key in growing my Instagram account over the last year to over a hundred thousand followers. And also, more importantly, it’s been a big key to helping me show up higher in the algorithm and build real relationships. So anytime I […]

Trump claims his policies are driving great economic growth. What does the data say?

JUDY WOODRUFF: Today’s U.S. jobs report was stronger than many analysts had predicted, and much of it seemed in line with a number of claims President Trump made during his State of the Union address earlier this week, crediting his administration’s policies for economic growth. But some of the president’s claims may overstate the current strength of the […]

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