Amazon Workers Get Hurt At A Rate Of FOUR TIMES More Than Other Factory Workers

Well, folks, we’re pretty much just hours away from black Friday madness, right? Everybody’s going to forget that they had just given thanks for all the good things that happened to them over the past year, hoping for better days in the in the future, and they’re going to go out there. You’re going to spend all your […]

Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Give Workers A Voice At Their Workplace

Earlier this week, Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled his corporate accountability and democracy plan and most people focused on one aspect of this plan, which is that it gives workers ownership in the company that they work for and the reason everybody focused on that is because that is one of the biggest parts of this. It’s one of […]

Employers Are Stealing Employee Wages In Big Way

Last week, President Trump signed a bill that repealed an Obama-era regulation that forced government contractors to comply with labor laws, specifically laws related to worker safety and worker pay. If a company didn’t comply with these regulations, they would lose their federal contracts. Now that this regulation is gone, federal contractors have been given a green light […]

A New Study Shows Why Employer Provided Health Insurance Is Awful

More than half of the people in the United States get their health insurance coverage from their employer and most of them aren’t happy with that coverage. A new study came out that helps explain why your coverage from your employer is so awful and I have Farron Cousins from Trial Lawyer Magazine with me now to tell […]