The redundancy process for employers | What is a fair redundancy process?

In today’s climate we’re helping a lot of our clients to save costs where possible. And through that we are helping them to restructure the business sometimes and also possibly make redundancies. There are a number of key elements that an employer would need to address if they were making redundancies. The first is to make sure they […]

Employer Recruitment Stories – Plastering

[MUSIC]>>KAUFMANN: Hi, my name’s David Kaufmann, I work for Complete Fixset Plastering, it’s a plastering company. At this stage we have one. But he’s in his third year. Um, yeah. He’s through word of mouth. Um. Just knowing someone else. Not really much advertisement, it’s usually kids ringing up all the time looking for a job. It’s usually […]

How To Pitch Landlords on Airbnb | Business Strategy for Professional Airbnb Hosts 2019

Welcome back Airbnb family today I’m going to teach you how to talk a landlord in to letting you use their property to post an Airbnb so you can expand your rental arbitrage business Let’s get into it Alright, so as you all know I’ve got about twenty-one properties active on Airbnb and I’m expanding ten more in […]

Minnesota State Employer Partnership with Mayo

[Upbeat music] [Jane] Mayo Clinic in the Midwest employs healthcare providers across the spectrum of care. We know that there is a shortage of nursing professionals from practical nursing right up through the doctor of nursing practice and PhD level across the Midwest region. Minnesota State is a really valuable partner for us at Mayo Clinic and in […]

Jamie Foxx Interviews Denzel Washington || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

– (both laugh) – I got jokes! Put me in the movie. I got jokes! – The person who’s about to walk out… Two Oscars, three Golden Globes, Tony under his belt. King Kong ain’t got shit on him but, that’s not, that’s not the end of this. When you think about… Say if it was Michael Jordan, […]

ABC45 Business News Update: Distracted Driving with David Daggett

Thank you for joining us for this ABC45 Business News Update. I’m Candace Blanchard. Joining me today is David Daggett with Daggett Shuler. Welcome. Thank you for having me. Now, distracted drivers. It’s on the rise. Yes. Distracted driving is a big problem. It ranges from everything from putting on lipstick, eating a sandwich, doing anything except keeping […]

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