International Business Machines: From Saloon Piano to Computer

When was the last time you thought about IBM? Probably a long time ago, and that’s understandable. As far as companies go, IBM could easily win the award for most boring business. Cause what do they actually do? Well, they make business machines. And that’s it. Boring, right? But what if I told you that IBM can be […]

Spotify was Actually Profitable This Quarter, But Don’t Get Used to It.

Dylan Lewis: Why don’t we switch gears and talk Spotify? The market was happy with Fitbit’s results, not exactly the case for Spotify. We saw a pretty big sell-off after earnings. The company is actually down to lows since they’ve gone public. This is the lowest we’ve seen shares. Evan Niu: Investors weren’t too happy with Spotify. I […]

Is Uber Profitable? Nope.

Chris Hill: Headline newsflash: “Dow sinks 500 points as Britain’s Brexit mess fuels investor angst. U.S. markets deepened their losses Monday as Britain’s political crisis around Brexit clouded investors’ outlook. British Prime Minister Theresa May delayed a key Parliamentary vote on her country’s exit from the European Union.” Thanks! Taylor Muckerman: [laughs] Yeah, turns out decisions made by […]

“Because We Are Doctors”: How Syrian Health Workers Became a Target for Arrest and Torture

INTERVIEWER: Are you good. Yeah. I was working in the governmental hospital. It was like 10:00 AM in the morning. I had just finished treating a patient who broke his arm. The assistant of our hospital director came to me and said, the director wants to see you in his office. When I entered the office, I found […]

Understanding Prayer: Growth (7/10)

Carol Dweck, the Stanford psychologist, changed our entire understanding of human development in her paradigm shifting book, Mindset. What interested her was why some children went on to great achievement, and others not. What really fascinated her was the fact that it didn’t depend on their abilities. What made the difference was that some children fear failure, so […]

Up Close with the Princesses, the Queen, the Drones, and the Workers of Weaver Ants

Weaver ants. They weave. Therefore the name. Some call them green ants, but over here we call them Rangrang which means big red ants. We call them exactly what they look like. this example of a quintessential society is made of mainly female warriors, or the workers. There are also many regal queens and beautiful princesses. These princesses […]

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