When a migrant worker is treated differently, what will passers-by do?当大家目睹推销员辱骂农民工,有人怒斥:农民工就不是人吗?

Look at you! Do you deserve such a fancy drink? Do I deserve this drink? Hi, I’m TREEMAN’s friend, Joke. When a migrant worker is treated differently, what will passers-by do? What are you doing? Put it down! Is this for you to taste? You are a migrant worker, you come up to taste what ah! Isn’t that […]


Welcome back again to my channel! This is Miss Jen Vlogs. Are you looking for an online income? Click on the subscribe button and hit the notification bell. To keep you notified on my new uploads On how to earn money online. These are the videos I upload, you may visit my channel. I share some websites where […]

[Full Tutorial] Creating Profitable Facebook Ads in 2020 – These Made Me Millions

Welcome back guys, it’s Kevin It’s my favorite part of the day engaging with all of you in case you missed the previous video You’re not gonna want to miss it. It was a massive one. I showed you how to design an engaging Shopify website from scratch That’s unlike anything out there that your competitors are putting […]

Three Factors Impacting Profitability for Farm Supply in 2019 | CoBank Knowledge Exchange Brief

The farm supply sector will be stressed again this year, and profitability will be put under pressure as margins are squeezed and costs rise. We see three factors driving our outlook. Two negative factors outweigh one positive factor. The two negative factors are poor weather and stressed farm finances. Farmers have been kept out of fields this spring […]

Consistent Profitability in Trading 101 | Part 1 – Entries

Hi, it’s David from Alternative Futures Trading channel, hope you all are keeping well. Thanks for bearing with me guys despite the delay in posting any new content. The reason for the delay is that for past few months, I have been actively developing my first product, which I aim to officially release in July this summer. I […]

5 Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns (Copy These Ads to Make Money Online)

– Alright, five profitable Facebook ad campaigns, how I model them to make money online and how you can too. Today I’m gonna be showing you different campaigns that will reveal how I actually just literally follow the same ads, the same structure, the same thought process, how I modeled them and how they made me a lot […]

Futures Trading Automated Strategy – Scaling Out to Increase Profitability 40%

hi I’m RJ Abraham I’m a trader and algo developer. this video is about how to set up and use the Kairos platform to automatically scale out of positions scale outs are way to increase profitability reduce risk and remove the emotion from trading this video is on how to set it up and goes through an example […]

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