Futures Trading Automated Strategy – Scaling Out to Increase Profitability 40%

hi I’m RJ Abraham I’m a trader and algo developer. this video is about how to set up and use the Kairos platform to automatically scale out of positions scale outs are way to increase profitability reduce risk and remove the emotion from trading this video is on how to set it up and goes through an example […]

Best Products to Sell in 2019: Womens Clothing Niche (PROFITABLE)

In this video, you’ll get a first look at 10 trending products to sell in the women’s clothing niche in 2019. What’s more, I’ll tell you why these products are trending. You’ll get access to Oberlo-exclusive sales data and tips on how to find your own trending fashion products. Plus I’ll tell you what what marketing strategies will […]

Boniface of Unique Driftwood Creations talks about how Yoco Capital enables growth

I’ve never done this on video (nervous?) No. I wouldn’t do these sculptures without this tool. I know there are modern means of sculpting but I think this is the best invention ever for me. I got my inspiration when I was growing up I’m just someone who loved the outdoors and I would get opportunities to observe […]

Spotify was Actually Profitable This Quarter, But Don’t Get Used to It.

Dylan Lewis: Why don’t we switch gears and talk Spotify? The market was happy with Fitbit’s results, not exactly the case for Spotify. We saw a pretty big sell-off after earnings. The company is actually down to lows since they’ve gone public. This is the lowest we’ve seen shares. Evan Niu: Investors weren’t too happy with Spotify. I […]

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