Google Sheets – Tutorial 01 – Creating and Basic Formatting

Today, we’ll create a very simple spreadsheet. It will look something like this four Columns three titles name age favorite animals Some names different ages and you will see that everyone gets to give two answers first of all open your drive simply go to This is how the old drive looks in order to create a […]

What’s On My Phone with Asha Negi | Pinkvilla | Bollywood | Lifestyle

Hi this is Asha Negi with Pinkvilla and today I’ll be showing you what’s in my phone It’s It’s beautiful flowers like a painting sort where it’s written Today I choose joy something positive I think could be one of my pictures from my Himachal holiday that i went to yeah I look so happy between the mountains […]

Free Webinar: Supercharge Your Firm’s Productivity with Outlook 365 and Practice Management Software

Are you curious about how Outlook 365 can boost your law firm’s productivity and profitability? Join us in this interactive live webinar where we’ll show you time-saving tricks and workflow tips. Register today to receive free exclusive content. You won’t want to miss this!

Production Possibilities Curve Review

Hey! How you doing Econ Students? This is Mr Clifford Welcome to ACDC Econ Right now you’ll learn about the first graph in this class, it’s called the production possibilities curve. The production possibilities curve (PPC) presents potential prospects for the production of a pair of products. It’s a pillar of the program that pupils have to practise. […]

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