Caltech-led GROWTH Strikes Gold

On August 17th 2017, two neutron stars smashed into each other and sent ripples of space-time detected by gravitational wave interferometers right here on Earth. For the first time in history, these gravitational waves were accompanied by electromagnetic radiation. There literally was light. This is probably the most important astrophysical transient of the century. We saw gamma rays […]

✅ Awkward Stage Inspiration – Reacting to INSANE Hair Growth Time Lapses Ep3

(fanfare trumpet music) – Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel. My name’s Thomas, if you are brand new here and I make style and hair related videos every single week, so if that’s your kind of thing, make sure you hit the subscribe button and come back for more long haired content every single week. So […]

INCREDIBLE VALUE Regional Business Class! Malindo Air, Bali to Kuala Lumpur

Hello and welcome to another trip report, and good morning from Denpasar, Bali, in Indonesia. Today I’m checking out Malindo Airlines – it’s leg 7 of 25 of my round the world tour. I’m looking forward to this one; it’s an airline I’d never heard of before I’d booked it. Let’s go! My car dropped me at the […]

My Sister’s Magical Cleansing Protein Hair Pack That Doubles Hair Growth & Thickness !!!

Hi friends, this is Ramya from wildturmeric. In this video, I wanted to share my sister’s cleansing protein hair growth pack. All my family members and friends always share their tried and tested remedies with me as I always keep requesting them to do so. My sister has been using this hair pack regularly for some time now […]

The Crash Course – Chapter 3 – Exponential Growth

In the Crash Course we will learn a few foundational Key Concepts. None are more important than exponential growth. Understanding exponential growth will greatly enhance our odds of creating a better future. Here’s a classic chart displaying exponential growth — a chart pattern that is often called a “hockey stick”. What we are doing here is charting an […]

Sex Workers’ Rights Day: Emy Fem in conversation with Nikki and Mell.

Everyone has a business, a job. Well, usually…. For example, I trained in Bulgaria as a dressmaker/tailor and also as a jewellery designer. I can do this. But, what should I do now..? One needs to survive. I respect myself. I have made the decision myself to take the risk, to stand out there, outside, and sell my […]

Fast Hair growth products review | aloe grow shampoo & andrea hair growth essence and more

Hi guys welcome back to my channel And welcome back for another reviews And like what you see in the tittle I will show you The products that helps me To grow my hair fast Like what you see in this picture So if you want to know just keep on watching So guys i know My hair […]

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