Surface Pro 6 | NFL Teammates & Cupcake Shop Owners – Brian Orakpo & Michael Griffin

Sweat. Dedication. Cupcakes. I’m Michael Griffin. I’m Brian Orakpo. We played football together for the Titans. Now, we own a cupcake shop. We bake, we decorate. I love this new Surface Pro. It’s light, it’s sleek, it’s fast. I’m able to draw what color frosting we want. We deal a lot with social media. We have funny videos […]

myCADtools: Easy Print – Productivity Tools FOR SOLIDWORKS

To download this tool, click on the link given in the description. EasyPrint enables you to easily print the active document with all the printing parameters accessible in a single interface. The printer is chosen from the list of printers connected to the work station. The “Properties” button is used to access the properties of the printer selected. […]

How To: Connect the Nitra CMV Valve to Productivity via Explicit Ethernet/IP

Here are the minimum requirements to use Ethernet/Ip with the Productivity series CPU. For the Productivity CPU to communicate to the Nitra Valve, these are the communication parameters that we will need for this setup. So the input data is what you are reading from the Valve and the output data is what we are writing to. The […]

How To Use Point of View with the Productivity Series Controllers – Part 2

In this video we’ll use the tag integration method to bring productivity 2000 tags into a point of view project so we can control and monitor the productivity series controller. Let’s start a new project. Point of View button, New. I have a folder on My C drive I’m using for these demo projects – but you can […]

How to manage your time more effectively (according to machines) – Brian Christian

In the summer of 1997, NASA’s Pathfinder spacecraft landed on the surface of Mars, and began transmitting incredible, iconic images back to Earth. But several days in, something went terribly wrong. The transmissions stopped. Pathfinder was, in effect, procrastinating: keeping itself fully occupied but failing to do its most important work. What was going on? There was a […]

10 Immersive Furniture Designs that Define “Lap of Luxury” + Comfort = Productivity

From a gravity-defying chair to a bed that can do it all check out these amazing pieces to add or upgrade to your bedroom or living room. Number Ten Spin D An example of smart ingenuity and amazing craftsmanship it is a piece of multifunctional furniture made of handmade small segments of natural wood. Each slice of the […]