How to Connect to a Remote Productivity Series Controller via Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is an easy way to access Productivity Series Controllers that are on their own network behind a router from the Productivity Suite Software. BUT it’s not a very secure way to access those controllers. So if network security is a concern for you, then you’ll want to use a VPN to access your Productivity Controllers. We’ll […]

Productivity PLC Motion – How To Use The Built-in High Speed Test Tool

Suppose you have a Productivity Series Controller with a High Speed Output Module driving a stepper drive which is controlling a stepper motor and the motor isn’t reacting to the commands you are sending it from the ladder code in the controller. With so many active components in the chain, where do you start when the motor doesn’t […]

VLOG 015 – FULL ASCENT of the Grossglockner: ⛰️The Highest Mountain of Austria⛰️

*Music* I am here in Austria! *Music* Tomorrow is the climb of the highest mountain of Austria, the Grossglockner. *Music* I feel ready. Given myself enough days of rest from the Alpspitze. So, anyone who just joined in in this vlog here, this was a little mountain adventure or a little mountain trip that I made where I […]

DIY Morning Routine Gadgets You NEED! How to Be PRODUCTIVE & STRESS-FREE!

Hello there I’m Natalie and mornings and I is a….fued, a war, a BATTLE Sometimes, it’s all good in the hood and then other days people are like “good morning” And I’m like “there ain’t no such thing” raise your hand if mornings and yourself don’t get along sometimes I’m gonna show you my go to morning routine […]

CAD MicroStation Peca 3 de 6 Desenho convencional English subtitle

The third piece is ideal to do using mirroring. But mirroring should not divide elements. Absurd example: Make a 180 degree arc and mirror to get a “circle”. To understand this piece well I made a 3D model. This side here, in this position, can mislead the observer. The bottom is also better explained in this model. As […]

CAD MicroStation Peca 4 de 6 Desenho convencional English subtitle

This is a relatively simple piece and let’s use it to show the use of the Stretch tool. The original design has a very clear error here. This cut is lower than this one. And this is not possible because back here also has a reinforcement like this one. As always, let’s start drawing from the top view. […]

Drawing Resources Palette – Productivity Center for your Design | ARES Commander Edition 2014

Ares Commander Edition 2014 introduces a new Design Resources palette. You can activate this new palette by pressing Control and 2. You may also activate it by entering DESIGNRESOURCES in the command line. Or from the Insert Tab, using this icon. The palette helps you to browse for content in your projects. The elements you find here from […]